Our Mission

The mission of the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization is to recognize the accomplishments and achievements of women who use wheelchairs for 100% of community mobility. This organization also advocates for and with people with disabilities and educates the public on issues involving people with disabilities.

Coordinators and Volunteers Wanted!

Just posted! We are looking for coordinators and volunteers to help us start planning and collecting sponsors for the next Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee pageant. Our next pageant will be in March 2013, the location is yet to be determined. We are looking for volunteers throughout the State, as most volunteer work can be done at home or in your immediate geographic area. If you are interested in volunteering, please use the link below to apply.

We are also searching for a Little Miss coordinator to manage the Little Miss category of the pageant. If you are great with kids, creative, and have a lot of energy, we could use your help.

Check out the newly listed coordinator and volunteer positions! Apply for coordinator and volunteer positions


Each year, we hold a competition to recognize the achievements of women who happen to use wheelchairs. At the end of the competition, our judges select one of these women to represent the entire State of Tennessee at the National Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant. [singlepic id=271 w=630 h=300 float=left] Our competition is often referred to as a pageant, but it is NOT a beauty pageant. Contestants are NOT judged on physical beauty. They are judged on accomplishments, communication skills (by any means), and self-perception/projection. The fact that they are all gorgeous is pure coincidence!

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Support Us

Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee is a registered nonprofit organization. All tax deductible donations, sponsorships, and fundraising proceeds go to help offset the cost of hosting yearly events like the Crowning Ceremony, day-to-day organization fees, Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee’s travel expenses, and the entry fee for the national Ms. Wheelchair America pageant. Through generous donations, Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee is given the opportunity to represent Tennesseans with disabilities throughout the State.

There are several ways you can support the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee Organization.