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Jr. Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2020 – Kaylie Hill

Kaylie is a 15-year old homeschooled student from Clarksville, Tennessee. She is a typical teenage just rolling through life in a pretty pink wheelchair. Kaylie loves everything musical, anything artsy, and of course, the library!  She was born 2 months premature and with Cerebral Palsy.

Kaylie has an interest in home design and wants to design homes that would be accessible to all kinds of special needs. Her personal motto comes from the Audrey Hepburn quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m Possible’”. Kaylie views herself as kind, compassionate, funny, wise, and patient.

Kaylie was crowned Jr. Miss Wheelchair Tennessee on September 28, 2019 in Chattanooga, TN

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Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2020 – Megan DeJarnett

Megan is a 30-year-old from Spring Hill, Tennessee. She is married to Jake and they stay busy raising their two sons. Megan is a public speaker and a children’s book author. She is the founder of “No Such Thing”, a company whose mission is to help others redefine purpose by removing defining labels. She enjoys planning and decorating for special occasions and doing adventurous things with friends and family. At the age of 2, Megan was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Although the challenges facing a neuromuscular diagnosis are many, including living life in a power chair, Megan remains undefined by it. She is determined to experience life to the fullest and chooses joy over despair. Megan motivates others to approach life with an ‘I can do this!’ attitude and advocates for disabled and special needs families. Megan views herself as determined, compassionate, lively, creative, and inspiring.

Megan was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2020 at our competition held in Chattanooga, TN on September 28, 2019.

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State Coordinator – Lindsey Becker

Involved with Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee since 2001

Lindsey was first introduced to the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization at age 16 when she competed and won the title of Junior Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2001. She always knew she would come back and compete for the title of Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee someday. 17 years later, she felt led to compete. Although she did not win the first year she competed in the Ms. division, she knew her journey wasn’t over. She took the next year to grow and was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2018 the next year. Since her reign as a titleholder, Lindsey has served as Historian for the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization as well as an Independent Delegate Coordinator and Secretary for the Ms. Wheelchair America organization. She had no idea (at age 16) that she would be now the new State Coordinator for the Tennessee program now. Aside from her various roles in the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee and Ms. Wheelchair America organizations, Lindsey is also a writer, a YouTuber, a wife to Wesley (our token IT guy in the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization), a cancer survivor, and a dog mom to 3 very spoiled rescue dogs.

In addition to bringing the Tennessee program back to the Nashville area in the coming year, Lindsey hopes to continue to share the overall mission of the organization by encouraging women on wheels to challenge themselves and reminding them that each of their stories has the power to change lives. Her primary mission is to help empower others with disabilities and encourage them to find their own ways to make a positive difference in their communities.

President – Ashley Floyd

Ashley Floyd joined the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee Board of Directors in June of 2018.

Ashley was first introduced to the organization in 2017 during a lunch and learn presented by her employer’s employee resource group. Following that event, she volunteered at the annual Crowning Ceremony, getting a firsthand look at the impact the organization has. Ashley was blessed to be able to join the board in 2018 and currently serves as President.

A lifetime resident of Chattanooga, Ashley focuses on ways to influence her community through her passion for inclusion and diversity. She became particularly passionate about individuals with disabilities after having an accident that affected her mobility. During this time, she recognized the obstacles faced by those with mobility challenges and vowed to try her best to make a difference.

While not a dare devil by any means, Ashley does enjoy travel and loves to explore the outdoors with her husband and children. Ashley hopes her two amazing daughters inherit her value of service and looks forward to watching them grow into adulthood.

Vice President – Wes Becker

Involved with Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee since 2016

Wes was first introduced to the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization in 2016 when his wife, Lindsey Becker, first competed for the title of Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee. He immediately saw the connection of the sisterhood and the importance of the role of the titleholder as an advocate for all people with disabilities.

Wes is a web software developer for the city of Nashville. He is bringing his experience with web development, new technology, and innovative thinking to help keep the Ms. Wheelchair organization up to date with the constantly changing technology needs.

Treasurer – Bliss Welch

Involved with Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee since 2013

Bliss was first introduced to the organization in 2013 when she competed in the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee Competition. She was awarded Ms. Congeniality and was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2013.  Bliss went on to become Ms. Wheelchair America 2014 First Runner Up.  From February 2016 until June 2020 she served as the State Coordinator for the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee program.  Currently Bliss is the Treasurer of Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee.

Always in her signature color pink, Bliss’ bubbly personality shines through her brilliant smile. Utilizing her Master’s of Accountancy, her days are spent crunching numbers at a lakeside marina. Bliss’ passion is advocating for individuals with disabilities.  She is currently the committee chairwoman for Harvesting Inclusive Play, a committee that is fundraising for a universally inclusive playground in Chattanooga.  Bliss is always seeking ways to educate and advocate for the needs of individuals with disabilities.  Her adventurous side demands she try everything at least once, from adaptive snow skiing to live television. Bliss’ most important moments in life are spent showing the world to her daughter Annabelle.

Board Member – Amanda Szidiropulosz

Involved with Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee since 2014

Amanda was introduced to the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization in 2014 by Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2013 Bliss Welch. Amanda served as Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2014 and competed in the Ms. Wheelchair America competition in Long Beach, CA. Since her year as a titleholder, Amanda has stayed involved with the Tennessee program and continues to advocate for people with disabilities.

Amanda is an elementary music teacher with 22 years of experience. She and her husband Damian live in Cleveland, TN. 

Board Member – Jewell Massey

Jewell moved back to Knoxville from Macon, Georgia after her teaching career.  High school behavior disorders and elementary gifted education were her primary areas of instruction.  In 1988, she was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Georgia and the following year, Ms. Wheelchair America.  Since then, she has judged in many state pageants and has been a national judge twice.  She was also the fist Independent Delegate State Coordinator for Ms. Wheelchair America. Jewell sees her contributions to MWTN as historical experience with state and national experience, especially in the area of qualifications and has written many judging questions for both organizations.