Little Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2022 – Anora Martin

Anora is a 2nd grader from Harrison, TN. She loves horseback riding and doing community activities at Signal Centers, Miracle League of Chattanooga. She has also done lots of Volunteer work for her school including cleaning, painting, and donating supplies for the next school year.

Anora has not only touched so many people’s lives with her free-spirited, fearless outlook but has taught so many about inclusion. Anora has a never-give-up attitude towards life. She has learned to overcome and adapt to life with a smile on her face, never once letting her disability define her or her capabilities.

Anora uses a power wheelchair due to having Cerebral Palsy. Her mother says “She is a beautiful young lady inside and out. She is not only an amazing role model but has made a huge impact in her community.”

Her family views her as thoughtful, adventurous, courageous, fearless, and warmhearted.