Savannah Miller – Never forgotten – Forever a Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee sister

It is with a very, very heavy heart that we share the news that Savannah Miller – Little Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2007/2008 (pictured on the far right in both photos below) passed away earlier today. A few of our MWTN sisterhood just spent time with her in December at the annual ABLE Youth Christmas party.

Little Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2007/2008
Savannah Miller
Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2007 and Little Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2007
Left to right: Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2007 (Amy Saffell), Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2018/Jr. Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2001 (Lindsey Becker – formerly Lindsey Painter), Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2020 (Megan DeJarnett), Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2008/Jr. Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2000 (Kasondra Farmer), Little Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2007/2008 (Savannah Miller)

Please continue to keep this incredible young woman’s family in your thoughts and prayers. We are grateful that Savannah was a part of our Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee sisterhood. Her legacy, spirit and her infectious smile will never be forgotten.

A new chapter for the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization

Over the past year or so, the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization has been quietly transitioning while we have moved into a new chapter of growth. As of today, we wanted to officially announce this new chapter.

After almost 5 years of service to the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization as State Coordinator, Bliss Welch, will be stepping down from that role and transitioning into the role of Treasurer while also taking on other exciting, new endeavors. Meanwhile, Lindsey Becker (our organization’s current Historian) will be stepping into the role of State Coordinator. As an organization, we always strive to be one of the best in the state of Tennessee. We will continue to use our mission to empower women in wheelchairs with the incredible opportunity to advocate for people with disabilities in our state and beyond. Bliss set the bar high when it comes to carrying out the mission of the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee program. We have full confidence that Lindsey will do the same.

We wanted to take a moment to thank both of these women (as well as our Board of Directors) for their continued service to the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization. We cannot wait to watch these ladies continue to grow and shine as they both go into these exciting, new chapters!