June 6, 2014 Chattanooga Zoo

Being Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee allows me the privilege to be a public figure and meet so many special people. Every year, the Chattanooga Zoo opens after hours for families with children who have special needs and, in a partnership with Unum, provides admission, activities, and food at no cost. This was a truly special night indeed. I was able to set up a table by the food tent and came in contact with so many nice people throughout the evening.

It was awesome to tell them about the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization! I was able to give out information and I hope this will be a way to get more people involved in our pageant and with the organization! I made many special new friends, one of them being a sweet girl named Jenny who wanted her picture taken with a princess.

Although I don’t feel like I am royalty, I am very proud of what I represent! I look forward to continuing to spread my message in the coming year!