Day Two

July 16, 2013

I woke at 6:30, not because the alarm was going off, but because I had to pee. Ugh!! I was hoping for another thirty minutes of sleep. Oh well, once I’m out of the bed its just not worth it to get back in.

Jeremy and I dressed in our MWA t-shirts and headed downstairs for our first breakfast. My gift of the day (yes, we get daily gifts…how cool is that?!?) was a bandana with a pin and an ornament from the museum we would be visiting after breakfast. We chatted it up with Ms. Virginia and Ms. Pennsylvania. After scarfing down a quick bite, we hurried back upstairs for a potty break.

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Everyone gathered in the lobby so we could all travel to the museum together. What a wonderful site we were parading through the streets of downtown Houston. We all chatted and laughed along the way.

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Once at the museum, all 27 of us posed for a group picture. And then, the companions joined in….you know Jeremy was loving that. Lol. And the all the volunteers. What a wonderful group!!!

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We were given a scavenger hunt sheet for the museum. Even though it was only 3 floors, it would have taking days to look at everything. We all buzzed around looking for answers to our scavenger hunt questions.

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Lunch was wonderful!! I wish we had the pasta salad and pimento cheese recipe they used!! For me, that’s saying a lot because I am a picky eater.

After lunch we adopted a pet dinosaur for Annabelle. I hope she likes it!!

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I was able to talk to several girls during the museum fun. Ms. Alabama, Ms. Indiana, Ms. Kentucky, Ms. Mississippi, Ms. North Carolina, Ms. Ohio, Ms. Oklahoma, Ms. Texas, and Ms. Wisconsin were all a pleasure to get to know better. There are still so many girls I want to speak to before the week is over!!

We headed back to the hotel around 1:30 and made a brief stop by CVS for some Bliss chocolates for my table. We went up to the room for my candy dish and then headed back down to my table to add the Bliss chocolates.

We then went over to the Little Miss Texas tea party and signed autographs. Those girls were all absolutely adorable. And a few of them shared my love for the color pink. I had some more time to get acquainted with some of the other girls. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Ms. Louisiana, Ms. Michigan, Ms. New Jersey, Ms. Pennsylvania, and Ms. Wisconsin.

After the tea party, it was time to head back up to the room and get changed for Cowgirl Night. We all met back in the lobby and headed out for dinner all decked out in cowboy boots and hats. We finally all looked like we belonged in Houston.

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At dinner we all had a wonderful time talking with one another. We each have our own different stories but we are all able to relate to each other. It’s such a nice feeling to talk to someone who understands the same problems that I have. Tonight we all agreed on one thing… just how exhausted we are. Even though I was tired I really enjoyed spending the evening with Ms. Oklahoma, Ms. Ohio, and Ms. Maryland.

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Jeremy and I left a little early because I really needed to get some rest and of course come back to the hotel room and blog about my day.

I hope you’re enjoying my journey as much as I am enjoying sharing it with you.

Day 3 brings the first round of judges interviews. Say a little prayer for me. Good night friends.

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