Donations, Fund Raising, and Sponsors

I have always been a very independent person. Some would say that as a teenager, I was independent to a fault. I have often wondered if my LGMD2B was God’s way for me to see that it’s okay for me to allow others to help me.

Due to my physical weakness, I except all kinds of help all the time. Even though I KNOW I need help and most people are always willing to help, I still dislike having to ask for help.

So, this will probably be my least favorite, but most necessary blog post.

The Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee is a nonprofit organization. As the current title holder, I am responsible for fund raising. Everything I am able to do this year will either have to come from my own pocket, from donations, or business/corporate sponsors.

I have already received donations from two local businesses. The first business, Bloom Photography, provided their services for head-shot photographs that I was required to have for the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant. The second business, Diversified Companies, created and printed my business cards.

I still have a long way to go. The entry fee for the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant is $1,850.00. The first $925.00 is due by May 15th. The second $925.00 is due by June 15th. My goal is to raise the entry fee one dollar at a time. I would like to receive $1 from 1,850 different individuals. I would also like to reach all 50 states by having someone from each state donate. I feel this is a great way to help raise awareness to the Ms. Wheelchair America organization. I didn’t even know it existed until January 2013.

I have already collected over $100, but I still have a long way to go. In the beginning, I didn’t want to do PayPal or other website based donations because these company’s get their cut of the donations as well. Unfortunately, most people don’t carry cash anymore, not even a $1. As a result of this, I have signed up with Go Fund Me. This company takes 5% of all donations and then about 3% when you withdraw the funds.

The pageant entry fee does not include travel expenses. I am hoping that any business/corporate sponsors I recruit will cover these costs. Any left over funds will go towards my travel expenses for my year of reign. It is my dream to reach all corners of the state of Tennessee. If you think the company you work for would be interested in being a sponsor for the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization and my year of reign, please send me an email If you would like to make a donation towards my entry fee, please follow the link below.


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