Business Cards

If there is any truth to “You’re official when you have business cards,” then…..I am officially official!!

My lovely sister Michelle reached out to another one of her amazing contacts at Diversified Companies about printing me some business cards a couple of weeks ago. In the email, Michelle informed them that I would be paying for the cards personally and wondered if they would be willing to offer some sort of discount. Co-owner, Hal Chatfield said he would do the business cards at no charge!!

Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

These business cards are truly AMAZING!!! I did not take part in designing them (once you see them you will find that hard to believe). They are perfect!! And they scream, ME!! For those of you that don’t know me personally, I often say that pink is my signature color.

Tell me what you think!?!?!

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Pretty awesome, right?

It is because of people like Hal Chatfield at Diversified Companies and the girls at Bloom Photography that will allow me to be more successful this year. I can focus more on reaching people instead of raising funds.

If you have any printing needs in the future please reach out to Diversified Companies. I promise you will be more than pleased with their work. Don’t forget to tell them Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee sent you!!

Thanks again, Hal, for the outstanding business cards!!

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