Entry Fees

Contestants typically obtain sponsors to cover the entry fee. Obtaining sponsorship and fundraising is a component of the Ms. Wheelchair America competition. Most contestants are sponsored by family, friends, co-workers, schools, and local businesses. Entry fees help pay for the cost of the competition and include the contestant’s hotel stay, parking, and lunch for she and her companion. All sponsors will be listed in the ceremony program.

Entry fees can be mailed to Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee, P.O. Box 156 Harrison, TN 37341

Eligibility Requirements

Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee

  • U.S. Citizen
  • women ages 21 and up
  • must use wheelchair for 100% of activities performed outside the home
  • resident of Tennessee for a minimum of 6 months before the competition
  • possess good moral character
  • able to travel throughout the State and to national Ms. Wheelchair America pageant
  • able to find sponsors
  • marital status is not a consideration
  • have not previously competed in the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant