Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee Pageant Returns April 7th

January 25, 2012, Knoxville, Tennessee

The Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee organization is excited to announce the return of the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee pageant to be held on April 7, 2012 at Cherokee Mills, 2240 Sutherland Avenue, in Knoxville. More details will be posted on our website at Samantha Moreno, Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma 2010 and now a resident of Tennessee, is committed to reviving the program after it fell dormant with the last titleholder crowned in 2009.

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Each year, we hold a competition to recognize the achievements of women who happen to use wheelchairs. At the end of the competition, our judges select one of these women to represent the entire State of Tennessee at the National Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant. [singlepic id=271 w=630 h=300 float=left] Our competition is often referred to as a pageant, but it is NOT a beauty pageant. Contestants are NOT judged on physical beauty. They are judged on accomplishments, communication skills (by any means), and self-perception/projection. The fact that they are all gorgeous is pure coincidence!

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Support Us

Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee is a registered nonprofit organization. All tax deductible donations, sponsorships, and fundraising proceeds go to help offset the cost of hosting yearly events like the Crowning Ceremony, day-to-day organization fees, Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee’s travel expenses, and the entry fee for the national Ms. Wheelchair America pageant. Through generous donations, Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee is given the opportunity to represent Tennesseans with disabilities throughout the State.

There are several ways you can support the Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee Organization.

    Nominate Contestants

    Know someone that would make a great Little Miss, Junior Miss, or Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee? Please send an email to Bliss at with the following information:

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    • Nominee’s Name
    • Nominee’s Phone Number
    • Nominee’s Email
    • Your Name
    • Your Phone Number
    • Provide a brief paragraph of why you feel this person would make a great Ms., Junior Miss, or Little Miss Wheelchair
    • List how you know the person


    The Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee and Ms. Wheelchair America programs would not exist if it were not for our beloved sponsors. Our sponsors are different from your typical individuals and business owners; they are our truest believers. They see the potential of each contestant and the great need for an organization like ours.


    We are always looking for volunteers to help with the next Crowning Ceremony and other events throughout the year. On this page, you will find a list of all the areas where we need volunteers. As a volunteer, you can give as little or as much time as you want.

    Do you have great ideas for the organization? If so, then we want you! Fill out an online volunteer application form today.

    State Coordinator

    Bliss Welch

    Bliss Welch State Coordinator

    State Coordinator

    As State Coordinator, you must:

    o Recruit Quality Competitors for Ms., Junior Miss, and Little Miss Wheelchair representatives

    o Coordinate the Annual Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee Crowning Ceremony

    o Coordinate and Assist the current titleholder with other events throughout the year

    o Maintain Contact and Assist the current titleholders