Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2007 – Amy Saffell

Amy Saffell, 24, born with spina bifida, has extensive experience working for the music industry. Currently she works for EMI Christian Music Group as a Service Representative and is also in charge of telesales. Throughout high school and college, Amy consistently displayed leadership qualities, performing at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games’ Opening Ceremony and serving as an assistant to her academic advisor.

Volunteering is almost second nature to Amy and she is actively involved in coaching the youth basketball team, has volunteered with the Habitat for Humanity and the Easter Seals Golf Tournament. She lives independently and intends to make Nashville her permanent home and continue to pursue her career in the business side of the music industry. Amy believes that, “choice, not chance, determines our destiny.”

You can follow her reign on her blog:

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Jr. Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2007 – Taryn Balwinski

Taryn enjoys scrapbooking, photography, and teaching Sunday school. Cerebral palsy does not hinder Taryn; she intends to live life to the fullest and become an event planner.

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Little Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2007 – Savannah Miller

When children her age ask her about her disability, she replies, “I have something wrong with my legs and I can’t walk. I have spina bifida but I can still play with you!”

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