Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2006 – Danielle Donnelly

When not working, Danielle gives back to her community as a volunteer and President of a spinal cord injury support group called, “Unlimited Possibilities.” She has also volunteered in the special education department of Abingdon high and middle schools. Danielle often gives presentations on disability awareness and sits on a number of Boards.

Danielle also enjoys being active in many adaptive sports including water and snow skiing, basketball and camping, among others. Since her accident she has grown stronger both mentally and physically and her life has changed immeasurably – the value all of this personal growth cannot be measured!

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Jr. Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2006 – Brittany Carter

Brittany Carter is a senior from Memphis, Tennessee where she is an honor student and has been an executive member of the Student Council for three years.

While Brittany may have cerebral palsy, she has not let that slow her down. She has an impressive volunteering portfolio that includes being a youth volunteer at church and volunteering for the Memphis Police Department. Brittany was also instrumental in making her middle and high schools accessible to people with disabilities.

Her future plans are extensive and include becoming a psychologist, opening a business staffed by people with disabilities and opening a skating rink for people who experience disability. Brittany believes that everyone, disabled are not, has a handicap and we must all strive to be our best.

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Little Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2006 – Jessica Duke

Jessica Duke is nine years old and in the fourth grade. She lives with her parents and 12 siblings in White House, Tennessee. Jessica has used a wheelchair since birth and has had many surgeries.

In school she is a teachers’ aide and a mentor in charge of helping new students and guests find their way around the school. No stranger to the basketball court, Jessica plays basketball for the “White House Special Needs Sports Organization”, and is a cheerleader for the local wheelchair basketball team. She serves as a role model in everything she does and routinely speaks to school and community groups about being different.

Jessica has a knack for putting people at ease when she meets them and, as an active young woman she is an uplifting presence wherever she goes!