Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee 2004 – Elizabeth Alley

Elizabeth, originally of Portland, Oregon, currently lives in Nashville, TN. She has worked as a model for Permobil. Elizabeth volunteered for the Bellevue Community Church pre-youth group where she helped chaperone a preteen summer party. She also has been involved in peer support counseling for newly injured spinal cord patients and families.

Elizabeth has written numerous articles for the local paper and has an article published in The Spinal Column, an informative magazine dealing with spinal cord injury issues. Advocacy issues which concern Elizabeth include creating awareness of accessibility and expressing accessibility concerns to the correct individuals in order to find a resolution to the problem. Elizabeth feels that “people in wheelchairs are not different on the inside only slightly on the outside.”

Currently, Elizabeth continues to spread disability awareness. Mostly to people that she comes into contact with in public. She also helps her mother care for children during the week, which is where Elizabeth has found the best way to educate and inform. Wherever she goes, she encounters little minds trying to understand how everything works. Elizabeth’s plan is to get a “real” job and to become a productive member of society, however now that she and her mother have to care for her niece, she says, “I’m not sure how soon that will be. Right now she has my full attention. I’ll start looking when she goes to preschool, maybe ;)”

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Jr. Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2004 – Megan Allen

Megan has been very active in various volunteer activities. She has performed in a Christmas drama, volunteered in a Halloween carnival and for Meals on Wheels. She is active in her church youth group and has made presentations concerning disability to classes at Vanderbilt and Cumberland universities. She has participated in the Continuous Improvement Monitoring Process in Sumner County Among her goals, she strives to increase her independence and plans to attend college.

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Little Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2004 – Kayla Hayes

Kayla is a 12-year-old from Baxter, TN. She is active in cheerleading, and has performed a cheerleading dance in a talent show at school. Kayla has won numerous awards, including 2nd place in her school science fair and 2nd place for a speech for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program. She has volunteered for her school book fair and is involved with Fellow Christian Athletes.

In addition, Kayla speaks with her peers about her disabling condition, spina bifida. Most recently, she has begun babysitting. When Kayla grows up she wants to be a veterinarian.

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